GifGrabber is a free mac app that helps you make animated gifs.

How to use GifGrabber:

1) Move & resize capture frame over video.

2) Start & end capture.

3) Save or 1-click upload.

Meet Gary, the secret behind GifGrabber

Gary is an autonomous being that lives deep inside the circuits of your computer. Born in 1987 with the invention of the .gif image format, Gary painstakingly compiled gifs, frame by frame at the user's request. It wasn't until the birth of the internet in the 90's that Gary's work really became noticed. From dancing babies to moving clip art, Gary worked hard at pleasing the user. Over time however, outsiders and critics began dismissing gifs as annoying, overused pieces of crap cluttering the screen. Gary was hurt, and almost quit his career of compiling gifs.

But then something changed. Users began turning beautiful media from TV Shows, movies, and online video into expressions of art through gifs. And so when we asked Gary if he would join us in helping users create beautiful animated gifs, quickly and easily, he JUMPED at the chancee to redeem his reputation. Whenever you make a gif, Gary handles all the heavy lifting behind the scenes of GifGrabber. Thank goodness for Gary.

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